First Reads of 2017!!

Hello hello and Happy New Year!! This is a review of my first reads of 2017 – and also my first ever post, so yaaay to me! For the first day of the new year I chose to read 3 graphic novels, two of them about two of my all-time-favourite characters and one about a character I’d never read about before. So here we go!

1. Superman: Red Son

So, the first comic book I reached for was a “re-telling” of the story of my beloved Clark Kent (aka Superman), whose ship landed not in America this time but in the Soviet Union! With cameos and special appearances from many loved DC characters (including Batman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane and Oliver Queen), Red Son is rightfully placed in every “Most Interesting DC Storylines” list; it’s different, it’s unique, it’s pretty much magical. The only thing keeping me from giving this one a 5/5 stars review, are the illustrations, which I personally did not like. 4/5 stars!

2. Huntress

This was my first reading a Huntress solo, but it definitely won’t be the last. If I’m being honest, I found the storyline a bit too “mundane”, too ordinary; Helena, on the other hand is everything but mundane or ordinary. She is fierce, she is determined and one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the DC universe. I first came across her when I was reading Batman’s Hush, and I quickly realized I wanted to read more about her. The illustrations were beautiful, the dialogue was funny and witty and the story was full of action. 3/5 stars!

3. Black Widow: The Name of the Rose

My last read of the day was probably my favourite; in this one Natasha kicks ass, loves and is loved, breaks your heart into a million tiny pieces. ‘The Name of the Rose’ is a heart-breaking storyline, one that explores Natasha’s personality and her relationship with others, even the way her teammates and friends view her. The combat scenes (especially the one between Natasha and Elektra) are phenomenal, the relationships between the characters well-developed, the illustrations kind of weird but in a mesmerizing way. It does not only depict Natasha perfectly (something the MCU has yet to do), but it also captures the love and trust between Natasha and Bucky- two spies, two broken characters you’d think are beyond redemption and incapable of love and forming an actual relationship- and offers some heart-eyes-worthy scenes. Actual rating 4.5/5 stars!!



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