Avengers: Disassembled

Avengers Disassembled was a very pleasant surprise for me! After the -underwhelming for me- events of Civil War and House of M, I expected one more of Marvel’s most famous runs to be just above average. However, I stand corrected; Avengers Disassembled¬† had everything I was looking for in Civil War but could not find- it was action-packed, fast-paced, full of twists. It was dark, twisted, a tale of destruction and loss.

The artwork was phenomenal, every single illustration was beautiful, every battle scene was detailed and beautiful in its ugliness, in its chaos. The artists managed to capture every emotion, every flicker of pain.

The best part of the comic book was the characterization of its protagonists; every single one of them was in character, fully and well-developed, realistic; Bendis’ characterization was not just masterful, but at the same time he managed to give a new dimension to well-loved characters, to offer a new point of view, a new perspective.


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