Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Astonishing X-Men has become one of my most beloved X-Men runs of all time. I adore the storylines, the characters and how far they’ve come and the paths they are walking down. Every single character is explored in a new, different way, under a bright new light and they develop in often unexpected ways, allowing us to explore parts of themselves that were previously undiscovered.

One of my favourite things actually happened in Vol. 2, in relation to Charles Xavier and his decisions. The X-Men movie franchise has created this picture-perfect, unrealistic and inaccurate image of Charles, as this genius/mentor/great character. In reality – and by reality I mean the comic books – Charles is more of a morally grey character. His decisions (specifically in this volume) may not always line up with what he preaches, he may even be inconsiderate towards his former students.

I don’t even need to speak about the amazing artwork and the phenomenal action sequences and fight scenes. What still blows me away is how the same man who gave me this is also responsible for the characterization mess that was the Age of Ultron movie. What the hell happened??


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