Batman Beyond, Volume 1: Escaping the Grave

Terry McGinnis takes on the Batman cowl amidst rumors that the original Joker has returned. An entire section of Gotham City has decended into the Jokerz’ hands, creating a community of clown-worshipping crazies called Jokerztown! Rising from the chaos, Terminal unifies the gang of Jokerz and he’s after the new Batman.


Hmm okay, so here’s the thing. It was a decent story arc. The twist at the end of issue 3 was interesting enough to keep me on my toes, the artwork was good, the action sequences were okay… But, I just couldn’t bring myself to care for the characters. Yes, that was my first read of the Batman Beyond universe, so I was missing some things and this book did a poor job at covering the essentials. It was probably an arc more fitted for seasoned readers of the Batman Beyond universe, and I am not one of them. That wasn’t the only issue for me though. For me, Batman is so strongly affiliated to Bruce Wayne, that seeing someone else as the Bat felt awkward, almost wrong. I kept feeling like something was missing, something was terribly out-of-place, like I was suddenly living in an alternate universe. It is, then, safe to assume that this will probably be my first and last reading of a Batman Beyond storyline.


**An ARC was provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review**


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