The Chaos of Longing, by K.Y. Robinson

The Chaos of Longing is a debut poetry and prose collection by K.Y. Robinson, a self-proclaimed introvert writer. Her collection is divided into four parts with all of them exploring different aspects of sexuality and longing, relationships and trauma, self-love and heartache.

The Chaos of Longing is a very raw collection. With its brutal honesty and passion, I understand it is not a collection suited for everyone. While I enjoyed the almost vivid descriptions of sexual scenes, I can understand why someone may have found them uncomfortable. Robinson never shies away from anything and that’s what makes her shine.

A part that really reasonated with me was the sexualization of young girls’ bodies. I grew up early. I was always one of the tallest girls in school, my hips were wider, my breasts were fuller. Men twice my age would stare at me at the street. I had barely finished primary school when some guys in their early twenties flirted with me. These are things I’ve had to live with for far too long, and seeing them depicted on page really meant a lot to me.

I found the third part, Chaos, to be one of the most realistic parts of the entire collection. With a captivating honesty and just a few words, Robinson depicted perfectly unhealthy, toxic relationships and the effect these have on women. Her depiction wasn’t only accurate; it was respectful and authentic, and a part of her poetry that I think is too relatable.

As for the last part? That was cathartic. Highlighting self-love and the importance of healing, Robinson finishes off a powerful collection with a positive, welcoming message.


**An ARC was provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review**


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