Astonishing X-Men Vol.4 & Vol.5

Astonishing X-men Vol.4 by Joss Whedon

“I am a diamond, Ms. Pryde. I am, by definition, my own best friend.

Wow!! What a phenomenal series, what a great, wild journey! This X-Men run had me at the edge of my seat for its entirety, with every issue being better than the previous one. As for this volume? Absolutely, 100% breathtaking and heartbreaking. Some of my favourite parts:

1) Emma and Kitty’s banter: I love these two separately, but together? They are a force to be reckoned with! Their banter was always a delight and I hope to see more of them at some point.

2) Emmascott: Emma and Scott are one of my favourite couples of the Marvel Universe and they had so many heart-aching moments in this volume. They honestly took my breath away and their chemistry definitely made this comic book an exceptional one for me.

3) So many faves: Just when I was about to say “Yeap, okay this is it, this character is definitely the protagonist for me” swooosh something changed and someone else grabbed the spotlight. Emma, Kitty, Scott, Hisako, even Ororo’s too-short cameo, all made the comic book for me. So many beloved characters appeared and I loved every moment of it. Peter was the biggest surprise for me; At first, I have to admit, I didn’t really care for him in this volume, but I ended up completely loving him.

But I have something I need to address: A FUCKING R*PE JOKE???? FUCKING REALLY??? WHEDON WHAT THE FUCK


Astonishing X-Men Vol.5 by Warren Ellis

So, Astonishing X-Men volumes 4 and 5, could not possibly have less things in common. Different writers, different illustrators, completely different character directions and dynamics. And yet, they are both equally beautiful.

This volume’s illustrations are so good, I literally wasted hours just looking at them. I would often find myself lost or not paying any attention to the dialogue just because the artwork was so pretty and unique. Especially Ororo; she was so beautiful, so elegant, so regal; and she was definitely in the spotlight.

She was actually one of the main reasons why I enjoyed this volume so much. I adore Ororo, and I had missed her in the previous volumes. And seeing her now, with her old teammates and friends made me giddy with excitement. And when Hank told her “Ororo, you look wonderful” ? One of the most relatable moments in comic book history.

I do, however, have to admit that, at first, I was not very fond of this specific volume. I suppose I missed the previous writer, and it took me some time to get used to Ellis’ storylines and how different they can be from Whedon’s. But, once I got into it, I was completely mesmerized. The storyline itself didn’t interest me all that much, to be honest. What really drew me in were the characters and the newly formed dynamics among them.


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