Storm Vol.1 & Vol.2

Storm is, quite frankly, one of my all time favourite X-Men and superheroes in general. She is wildly underappreciated, and don’t even get me started on her movie portrayals. If you’re only familiar with Storm through the X-Men movie franchise, you probably know her as this girl in the background that can maybe sometimes summon a little lightning and is easily overpowered by everyone around her. You have no idea she is one of the most powerful X-Men out there, literally worshipped as a goddess, a queen of Wakanda, an X-Men leader and headmistress. The movies have done her so dirty, I sometimes think it would have been better had she not appeared at all.

Storm Volume 1

So, Storm’s first volume of her solo run was nothing special. The first three issues were three separate, completely unrelated storylines of Storm doing some good around the world. If you already love her, this volume is for you; you get to see more of her, and see her in action. But, if that’s your first time seeing her I doubt it will spark any particular interest. It’s not that these stories are boring or horrible, but they are far too common. Still, I enjoyed them more than the last two issues of the volume, where Storm’s visits Yukio and tries to help her. These two issues were just underwhelming. What this volume made me realize was that a) I absolutely adore Ororo and I’d die for her, and b) I absolutely hate Ororo/Logan as a romantic pairing and Ororo should finally date a girl. That been said, it was a decent, yet mediocre, read.

Storm Volume 2

Storm’s second volume was better than the first one. It had more action, more members of the X-Men team, and a cameo from another favourite of mine: Gambit. As a little girl watching the X-Men animated series I had a “crush” on two characters, Gambit and Storm. And seeing these two work together? It was a dream come true. I did not expect Gambit to show up and I was so excited to see him. I loved how we got to see even more of Ororo’s powers, as she used them almost to their full capacity, and I really adored the fact that we saw how she affects and inspires other people’s lives. At the end of the day, this is a run worth your time, especially if you want to see more of Ororo and her awesomeness.


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